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Clinical pathways improve care of patients with traumatic brain injury.  Journal of Trauma 2001 51:369-375.  The guidelines for the management of severe head injury were published in 1995.  Those patients who were treated according to the pathways had a shorter length of stay in the hospital in the ICU and were on the ventilator for a shorter time.

Estimated migraine prevalence in Sweden exceeds 13%.  Cephalgia 2001 21:664-671.   No reasons are given for the prevalence of migraines.  They occur all over the country.  21% of the population has severe headaches.  Migraine attacks 16.7% in women and 9.5% in men, occur about 1.3 times per month usually lasting 19 hours.

NMDA receptor antagonists may retard growth of some malignant gliomas.  Nature Medicine 2001 7:994-995 and 1010-1015.  While there still is no magic bullet for this horrible disease there are many things that may slow it down.  Dizocilipine an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist slowed down the growth of a mutant glioma cell line injected into rat brains.  Glutamate antagonists are used to treat seizures and may be able to help in slowing down brain tumors.  However, this is a rat model and is very different from humans.

Protective tube helps re-grow severed spinal nerves.  Reuters Health.  Dr. Molly Shoichet presented information at the American Chemical Society meeting that paralyzed rats had some hind-limb function restored after a hydrogel tube filled with chemicals was inserted into the spinal column.  The tube acted as scaffolding encouraging nerve re-growth. The

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