Before accepting a lawsuit have the neurology or neurosurgery medical case screened.  The review will not only contain standard of care information, it will contain literature supported information and clinically supported information.

We will review histories and x-rays and give you reports orally we provide written reports that are impartial and will present complete overviews giving all sides of the story.  Our medical experts are clinicians, they can sort through the volumes of medical records locating important facts more quickly, freeing up your valuable time to prepare your legal strategies.  We employ board certified physicians with up to date clinical experience and we are not afraid to ask others if we are not aware of unusual treatments.  We do not perform this function in our spare time and therefore, we are available to talk to you and review the records quicker.  We can lay the foundation that you need to decide the direction of the case.

You may also want the neuroscience medical experts to perform a literature search done with clinical expertise.  Does your case involve back pain, head injuries, concussions , spinal injuries or other areas?  For a look into the field click on our hyperlinks.

Also, we can provide Independent Medical Examinations.  These impartial evaluations by board certified medical experts may provide additional information that can sway your case, one way or the other.

What is a Medical Expert and Consultant?
Medical school provides four years of training into the basic and clinical sciences.  During that time student physicians are exposed to the healthy and sick individual, obtaining an overview of the human in those states.  Then the physician undertakes a residency over many years, further specializing in certain aspects of the normal and diseased human, all the while maintaining an outlook of the whole

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"Know your case before you file"

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