Are you developing a product that may affect, damage, treat the brain, spinal cord or nerves? Is the product a helmet, car, bicycle, moped, cooling system, game or exercise equipment?  Do you work in the health care industry and plan to make a brace, a support or wrap for the head, neck or back?  Are you designing jewelry implants to attach to the skull, neck or spine?  (Believe it or not it has happened already.)  Are you designing food supplements to improve the health of the nervous system?  Are you making heads-up displays that work on nervous system input?

Bringing a product to market is costly.  Although most pharmaceutical and product companies have medical directors, there is a genuine value to obtaining just one more opinion from an outside source, one independent of the success of the product.

We can provide you with a clinical, research and literature backed review.  This can be done at anytime, at the moment of conception, before clinical trials, before going to market and even during a new phase of promotional development..

Our expertise is in the neurosciences, specifically in the areas of  Alzheimer's Disease, Artificial Disks, Back and Neck Pain, Brain Tumors, Cryogenic Surgery, Epilepsy and Movement Disorders, Health Information Networks, the Learning & Knowledge Acquisition Process, Neuroendoscopy, Neuroscience Centers, Osteoporosis, Pain, Rehabilitation, Severe Head Injury and Brain Injury, Spectroscopy, Spinal Injury, Stroke, and Surgical Equipment

"Save time & money with an independent expert opinion during any phase of development or marketing"

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