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Are you in the insurance industry?  Are you a government or third party payor and interested in the neurosciences?  Do you wish to improve outcomes, develop protocols or streamline therapy?  The neurosciences contain some of the most common and costly ailments such as headaches, back aches, stokes and Alzheimer's Disease, just to name a few.  There are many others such as brain tumors, facial pain, Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, the possibilities are enormous, call the Neuroscience Medical Experts & Consultants.

The neuroscience medical experts have developed protocols based upon sound clinical experience and literature support.  The information has been influenced by authorities in the field and their societies. 

The neuroscience medical experts and consultants will even tell you when there are alternative viewpoints and alternative therapies as there are in most cases.  We will then work with you & consult with you to customize those protocols and build suspected outcomes that can actually be measured.  This is the current medical philosophy and no longer just fodder for the future.  It is the responsibility not only of the physicians and patients but also of the payors to ensure that medicine continues to be an art, practiced with compassion and that it does not become a business. 

Do not let doctors and patients become only concerned about the bottom line. Greed will then become the driving force, eliminating ethics, science and personal care.  Protocols and outcomes are not meant to make medicine a technician's job, nor meant to make medicine into cookbook science, but to open lines of communication and prosperity. 

The ultimate goal for the insurer and government insurer  is to have optimum quality of care, easy access for all patients, excellent preventive measures, high patient

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"Prices are high enough, physicians are threatened; help to improve outcomes, lower costs and keep the patient happy"

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