Have you recently had an encounter with a state medical board?  Not all Medical Boards are the same.  Before you make any deals and at the earliest possible time, find out about your rights and your responsibilities not only to yourself, but to your patients, your co-workers and your families.  We are available to talk confidentially, without paperwork.  When you talk to us, our only concern will be to help the physician. 

Individual medical boards are different even though many may belong to the Federation of Medical Boards.  Most are fair however, some have been set up to have ultimate power and ultimate jurisdiction without any recourse for the physician.  Find out which states are dedicated to disciplining and destroying the physician.  Find out which states are not concerned about educating the physician, which are not concerned about rehabilitation of the physician and which are only concerned about discipline. 

Some states only measure their effectiveness by the number of physicians that they discipline, therefore they will discipline even if the physician is no longer in their state. 
These specific boards are not working for you.

Before you talk to a state medical board, talk to an experienced board lawyer, in addition to your trusted attorney.  It does not matter if the medical board representative is an investigator, lawyer or clerk.  It does not matter if they want preliminary information or information about another physician.  It does not matter if they want to talk to you, your staff or your family.  Talk to a medical board experienced lawyer first.  We can provide you with trained "Board Experienced" litigators.  These conscientious professional lawyers can work with your current attorneys to prepare a solid defense.

The "Experience" is life altering, no part of the individual is untouched and therefore support needs to come in all forms.  We have counselors, career consultants and recruiters available that may help get you back on track.  Do not take chances, discover your options today.

"You devoted a lifetime to your career, act fast before it is all taken away"

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