Every day your nervous system is attacked.  Sitting in a chair, lifting heavy objects and eating fried greasy food is an assault.

The best weapon we have against disease is to know about it, to know about the science and literature behind it, as well as the alternatives.  Teach everybody, the young, the professionals, the underprivileged and the elderly, and they will be your friend.

Teach yourself or your company about proper sitting mechanics, lifting mechanics and even golfing mechanics.  Learn how to treat back pain and neck pain early, without surgery.  Learn about surgical options.

How can your computer users decrease the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, while sitting at their computer?

What are the risks for strokes and for bleeding in the brain?

What do you do for disabling facial pain (Tic Douloureaux)?

What are the standard treatment options for a stroke and Head Injury?  What are the alternative therapies?

Does your Little League or professional team want to know what causes concussions and spinal injuries and what treatments are available?

What is the science behind learning and what is being advertised?

Is your company suffering because information is published linking your product to brain cancer?  Find out the facts and then educate your constituents.

Are you concerned that the elderly people that you care for don't have all the information on Alzheimer's Disease, Back or Neck pain, Osteoporosis, and Parkinson's Disease & Tremors ?  Educate them.

What is the connection between God, Matter, Man, Mind and Society?  The answers may be surprising.  Teach this to the young and they will lead the way to enlightenment.

"To battle disease you have to know disease"

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