Can information help with the development of a book, play, television show or movie?

Maybe the scene that would have won the Oscar, Emmy or Pulitzer will not because the information is perceived as too technical or inaccurate.  It is common to get confused about the medical information.  Neuroscience is stranger than fiction and can even spark the imagination into new insights.  Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuro-Rehabilitation are fascinating.  Whatever the reason is that the nervous system is involved, understanding it from the medical experts & consultants makes writing about it easier and more believable.

Strokes are common ailments from the bible to the weekly television drama.  Head injury, and spinal injury may be a part of every war story, every time there is a severe car crash, and most physical sports stories.  Back and neck pain is common in most plots involving daily life, and who hasn't seen a headache in a love story?

Don't waste time thinking about how the symptoms occur or how to treat them.  Don't worry that most severe head injury patients are on ventilators, that's why we, the medical experts are here.  We will confidentially consult with you to help in development, to proof read and even to provide information that may get you the number one box office hit of all time.

The Neurosciences encompass the areas of neurology, neurosurgery and neuro- rehabilitation and that's strokes, head aches, head injuries, concussions, back aches, Alzheimer's Disease, epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, tremors, brain tumors spinal injuries, and other complex diseases and conditions that your moviegoers and readers are anxious to hear about.  Operate on the brain through a tiny hole, using lasers, ice, heat and treating with electricity!  Fact is stranger and more interesting than fiction, or as some say, "Nervous system facts are the headlines that make the fiction."

"The greatest story line could be crushed by reviewers stating that the information is impossible"

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